These Dry Bones Shall Live!

by Rhonda Hughey on June 15, 2013

These Dry Bones Shall Live!

By Rhonda Hughey

"And breath entered them, they came to life, stood up on their feet - an exceedingly great army" Ezekiel 37:10
Why does God ask a question that only He can answer? When God asked Ezekiel whether those dry bones could live He was underlining how impossible it was without His supernatural intervention - the breath of God.
I have been meditating on a couple chapters in Ezekiel over the last couple of months. I began to see some parallels between the process of the Church coming together in unity in the city and the promises in Ezekiel 36 & 37.
In chapter 36 the Lord promises Israel deliverance from captivity, idolatry and desolation. He promises to settle them in their own land and bring restoration. He makes it clear it's for His sake not theirs. Then chapter 37 is the famous picture of the valley of dry bones. God prophesies His promises about the land being restored to them then He shows Him His plan for the dry bones? He makes a connection between the land being restored and ruins rebuilt with a New Man arising full of life and breathe!
Have you ever looked at the corporate Church in your city and it seemed like a pile of dry bones! We have been on a journey the last several years, pursuing Jesus and unity for His purposes. We are in the process of God bringing the New Man, His Body, His Bride into unity and identity so He can fulfill His purposes and promises on the earth for His glory.
It's interesting in that passage that the Lord asks the question "can these bones live?" What a challenge for hope! God is connecting His Body. Have you heard the "rattling" as bones have begun to come together? Then the ligaments, (connective points) and muscle (movement) are added? Then of course the skin, the protective covering is added. But still the Lord comments that "there is no breath" in the New Man, he is just laying there.
But He promised Ezekiel that there WOULD be breath! His promise to us is that He will breathe on this New Man and when He does He declares in verse 10 that this New Man will "live, stand upon their feet and become an exceedingly great army". Amen! That's good news!
In many cities a corporate expression of the Body has been formed. But unity isn't the goal, being connected isn't the point. It's being in unity and then allowing God to breathe on us! It's His breathe that brings life!
The final verse makes the Lord's motivation clear: "I will put My Spirit in you and you shall live and I will place you in your own land. Then you shall know that I the Lord have spoken it and performed it says the Lord"
This is ALL about His glory and His name sake. He has an inheritance in our cities!
Revival and transformation will never be accomplished with clever methods or strategies. We need His Spirit to breathe on us. Without the breath of God we will be a connected Body maybe even moving a bit but we cannot give life to our cities if we haven't had God "breathe" on His Church.
The Lord is building His house in cities on the earth. Revival is imminent and transformation a real hope. But He will do it His way, in His timing and according to His agenda.
People are beginning to cry out for God to breathe on their congregations and citywide efforts. There is a turning from methodology to seeking His presence. We are becoming more desperate for Jesus and the life He brings.
May the Holy Spirit breathe on you again in a fresh way, on your life, your family, your ministry. May He breathe fresh Life into you!

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