Together for Christ: Lessons from the Revival in the Early Church

by Pastor Sameh Maurice on February 22, 2022

Dear friends,

Hope all is well with you and your families!

As you know, there is a current revival going on in the Middle East where millions of Muslims are coming to Christ, many of them through supernatural dreams and visions of Jesus.

Pastor Sameh Maurice, the pastor of the largest Evangelical Church in the Middle East, who as you know came to IPR Cape Cod Church in 2019, is the leader of this revival together with many others working with him.

We all have a heart to see revival here on Cape Cod with multitudes coming to Christ!

Pastor Sameh was the guest speaker last Sunday at Perimeter Church in Atlanta, Georgia.

He shared a powerful message about "Together for Christ" in which he shares about lessons from the revival of the early church as well as some stories from the current revival in the Middle East, including some supernatural interventions from God, and he shares how he almost died from COVID last year and how the Lord visited him at the hospital and what He commissioned him to do.

I thought you would be encouraged by this message:

Mamdouh Riad
The Glory of God on Cape Cod team