When God Visited a Brazilian Town

by The GOGCC team on June 10, 2019

"For thus says the Lord....I WILL VISIT YOU, and I WILL FULFILL MY PROMISE to you..." Jeremiah 29:10

Pastor Marcelo Pretti of IPR Cape Cod Church recently shared with us at a pastors and leaders prayer meeting about an experience he witnessed many years ago in the part of Brazil where he is from. He said he is from a Brazilian town that is primarily occupied by miners, and it was a very dark spiritual place. The town was filled with sin, had a large brothel with 500 prostitutes, and many bars. The churches were practically empty, and the largest church had less than a 100 people in attendance.

God stirred a few pastors to bring the churches together to pray for the town and repent. Some churches responded to the Holy Spirit stirring and began to pray for their town. It took many years several challenges, and spiritual war casualties, but as the churches persisted in prayer, God eventually poured out His Spirit on that town. People started getting saved, and fill the churches. The churches that were empty now have 2000, 3000 saved members worshiping the Lord. The brothel closed and the owner got saved. It's very different place. This work was 100% God. Man cannot bring it, how can mere mortal man pour the Holy Spirit from heaven or get people saved? But God's people had to respond to His stirring to repent, unite, and pray, so that God could do what ONLY HE could do, bring a revival.

We are praying expectantly, that as we also, pursue unity,repentance/consecration, and united prayer, that the Lord will pour out His Spirit on Cape Cod, darkness will be displaced, and multitudes will come to Christ!

The Glory of God on Cape Cod team


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The First Great Awakening was marked by united multi-church prayer meetings, 
and in Jonathan Edwards's writings he says that a key verse for those prayer 
meetings was Zechariah 8:21 "The inhabitants of one city shall go to 
another, saying,'Let us continue to go and pray before the Lord, and seek 
the Lord of hosts. I myself will go also."
So join us there, let your 
friends know that you are going, and invite them to join you!

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