My Kingdom Go

by A.W.Tozer on March 2, 2021

My Kingdom Go
by A.W.Tozer

It may surprise you that Aldous Huxley, often a critic of orthodox and evangelical Christianity, has been quoted as saying: "My kingdom go is the necessary correlary to Thy kingdom come."...

 Certainly His kingdom can never be realized in my life until my own     selfish kingdom is deposed. It is when I resign, when I am no longer   king  of my domain that Jesus Christ will become king of my life.

 Now, brethren, in confession, may I assure you that a Christian   clergyman cannot follow any other route to spiritual victory and daily   blessing than that which is prescribed so plainly in the Word of God. It   is one thing for a minister to choose a powerful text, expound it and   preach from it-it is quite something else for the minister to honestly and   genuinely live forth the meaning of the Word from day to day.

 A clergyman is a man-and often he has a proud little kingdom of his   own, a kingdom of position and often of pride and sometimes with   power. Clergymen must wrestle with the spiritual implications of the   crucified life just like everyone else, and to be thoroughgoing men   of God and spiritual examples to the flock of God, they must die daily   to the allurements of their own little kingdoms of position and prestige.

Who Put Jesus on the Cross?, 173-174.

"Lord, I quit, I resign, I'm no longer 'king of my domain.' I die this morning to 'my own little kingdom of position and prestige.' Rule in my life today. Amen."