Report on the August GOGCC Worship and Prayer Gathering at the Hyannis Village Green

by The GOGCC team on August 23, 2022

Dear friends, Last Sunday 8/14/22, believers from different churches, denominations, ethnic backgrounds, and generations, gathered together at the Hyannis Village Green to exalt the Lord together with one voice and pray in unity for our beloved Cape Cod. The gathering started with pastor Adam Miller of South Chatham Community Church welcoming the people, followed by an extended, anointed time of worship in song, led by worship pastor Rob Cummings and worship leader Lisa Casey of New Life Christian Center in Dennisport. Pastor Mike Allen of Lighthouse Christian Fellowship in Sandwich shared a powerful exhortation on "Hunger for God", and reminded us that God has placed eternity in our hearts, and that in each one of us, there is a God-shaped vaccum that only God can satisfy. He reminded us of Jesus' promise in Matthew 5:6, "Blessed are those who hunger and thirst for righteousness, for they shall be satisfied." May the Lord awaken spiritual hunger in our hearts, both for personal revival in our own walks with God, and hunger for revival in our community, for the Glory of God to be known on Cape Cod! This was followed by a time of pastors present leading in prayer in reponse to pastor Mike's exhortation. The prayer time was facilitated by pastor Mike Pratt of Redemtion Rock Church in Chatham. One sister in attendnece shared that the Lord has stirred her all day prior to coming to the gathering, with the Mayflower compact which was signed by the pilgrims at the Provincetown Harbor, and states in part: "In the name of God...having undertaken for the glory of God and the advancement of the Christian faith...a voyage to plant the first colony..." She reminded us of the spiritual heritage of Cape Cod and USA, and we broke into small groups praying for revival in our churches and in our communities, for the glory of God to be known on Cape Cod! God graced us with His presence throughout the worship in song, the sharing of His Word, and the prayer time! Another sister who was touched by the gathering sent us this poem, to encourge others to join us in future gatherings:
It was in a garden green and fair People of faith gathered there, The air was warm, the sky was blue, I looked for you. The butterflies flew all around The music played a heavenly sound, The preacher preached God’s word so true, I looked for you. People smiled and shared a word Everybody loved and cared They cared for me as Christians do, I looked for you. But you were nowhere to be found Did you not hear His wooing sound? The call of the One so loving and true Who died for you? Pastor Frank Alexander of Grace Chapel in Wellfleet, closed the gathering in prayer. We will gather again next month at Drummer Boy Park in Brewster: GOGCC Worship and Prayer Gathering Drummer Boy Park 773 Main Street  Brewster, MA 02631 Sunday 9/18/22 4-6 pm. Here is the Facebook event link. Join us and invite your friends. We look forward to seeing you! The Glory of God on Cape Cod team