Report on the GOGCC Public Worship and Prayer Gathering in Wellfleet

by Frank Alexander on June 16, 2021

Dear brothers and sisters in Christ,

ON Sunday June 13th from 4-6 pm between 225-250 people from different churches across Cape Cod gathered at the Wellfleet Town Pier for a time of public worship and prayer.

The theme was "One Body - One Family". We gathered together as the body of Christ on Cape Cod praying in unity for revival.

Specific prayers were offered up by 20 Pastors from the various Evangelical Churches of Cape Cod. Men and Women who love the Lord. It was an incredibly, awesome time.

The weather was perfect with bright sunshine and the bluest sky ever with a temperature of 72. It was very scenic with the ocean waters surrounding us and boats of all sizes in dock.

We all gathered around a bandstand about 10 feet high where 10-12 musicians from IPR church in Hyannis led us all in worshiping the Lord and exalting His name over Cape Cod. The gathering was facilitatied by myself as a local Wellfleet pastor along with Dr. Riad  from the Glory Of God On Cape Cod team. Ryan Curly a Selectman from Wellfleet made a brief welcoming remark followed by me praying for him and the Wellfleet town officials, Police, Firemen, EMTs, and local businesses. 

It did not take long for all of us to realize that this was going to be a special time. The following format took place: Corporate worship for 30 minutes followed by the various Pastors reading a scripture pertaining to unity among the body of Christ on the Cape and Revival in the Church and our Country. We had a full hour of prayer mingled with worship as the Holy Spirit led. It was orderly and yet with freedom of the Holy Spirit to lead us.

It was a wonderful group comprised of people young and old from USA, Jamaica, South Africa, Egypt, Brazil, Haiti, Asia all singing and praising God in unity and love. Each Pastor was from a different area of the Cape and we were all from different denominations, theological backgrounds, ethnic groups and generations. Each had a different scripture to pray from but we were all in unity exalting Jesus as the One and Only answer to bring about Revival.
It was specially wonderful to see Pastor Marcelo the worship leader joined by his 8 year daughter on stage in worship.

It was overwhelming and quite moving to worship and pray together as one body and one family and that is what we all did and we were blessed . There were children singing along and dancing, it was wonderful.

There was also an opportunity to gather in groups of 7-8 people and pray together for our theme Unity and Revival. It was a very special time. Pastor Mike Allen closed with a powerful and uplifting prayer.

We all made our way home thinking that on June 13th from 4-6 pm at the Wellfleet Town Pier we gathered to pray and  worship together. A time that will stay with us. A time that the presence of the Lord was so strong and I believe all would agree to that. We could feel the pleasure of the Lord over the gathering. I so look forward to our next gathering.

If you were not able to be there watch for the announcement of the next month's meeting on Glory Of God Cape Cod Website and Facebook page.

I would like to share two personal notes.

 1) At the end of the day, finally at home where my day began at 5:30am and it is now 8pm and I am so tired but I stayed up extra late to savor the beauty of the day at the Wellfleet Pier on a gorgeous day with such a wonderful group of people gathered in the name of Jesus for a great cause.

2) Being a Pastor for over forty years I was overwhelmed with such love and respect for all the Pastors. I had a hard time sleeping not wanting the day to end.

God was with us and blessed our time together. AMEN

Rev. Frank Alexander
Pastor Grace Chapel Assembly of God
Wellfleet, MA