Meeting Reports


Invitation to the January GOGCC Prayer Meeting at IPR Cape Cod Church

by Marcelo Pretti on January 11, 2020

Peace from the Lord beloved brothers and sisters,

We are once again very honored and happy to host another Worship and Prayer Meeting with the Glory of God on Cape Cod team here at IPR Cape Cod on January 22 at 7 pm. 

We believe that the Lord is moving mightily on Cape Cod through unity among the churches to earnestly seek the face of Him who brings salvation, transformation, and healing on this earth.

At the last opportunity we had together at IPR Cape Cod, we experienced an incredible move from the Lord, an atmosphere of worship and unity together with the body of Christ on Cape Cod.

In the book of Acts, the church experienced one of Jesus’ greatest promises: the sending of the Comforter. The people, gathered in prayer, were baptized by the Holy Spirit and became the testimony of what the life of a Christ-based community should be like. But there was a detail there. It was something that they lived on a daily basis, which released this outpouring of conversions and miracles. That detail was prayer.

That church knew the power of prayer. Even in the midst of all adversity, they remained steadfast in the subject of prayer. They knew that when they stood in worship and prayer to God, He answered, the heavens were opened, the impossible became possible. The lives of these men and women showed that they depended more on the Lord's will than on their own resources. And so, they became sensitive to each other's needs, saw the move of the Holy Spirit in their midst, loved each other in a practical way. There was one heart in them, one soul (Acts 2: 42-47), and their way of life had a great impact on society.

The power of prayer together is not a distant phenomenon, restricted only to that group. The modern church can also be an influencer and leave deep marks on this generation. Time may be different, circumstances may have changed, but “Jesus Christ is the same yesterday, today, and forever” (Heb.13.8). And He keeps working the same way.

May we experience a powerful move of God in our lives and as a Christian community, impacting this generation with the Gospel of Jesus. The church that makes prayer a nonnegotiable value will do the Lord's will in its time and leave permanent fruit for generations to come.

It will be a great honor to have you with us. We are waiting for the entire Cape Cod “Church” to live together the fulfillment of that Word.

With the  love of Christ

Pr Marcelo Pretti

IPR Cape Cod Church