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Prayer Gathering 9/26

by Cyndi Grant on September 16, 2020

"Thus the Lord was moved by prayer for the land."    2 Samuel 24:25, NASB

"America is in trouble.  Our communities are hurting, our people are divided, and there’s fear and uncertainty all around us.  Let’s join together and do the most important thing: pray!”   Franklin Graham

Franklin Graham is calling for a prayer march to "call out to God to heal our land" to be held in Washington DC on Saturday, September 26.  If you would like to participate but cannot go to Washington, Cape Cod Bible Alliance Church in Brewster invites you to join us in our local prayer march to be held at our church property on September 26, from 12 to 2 pm, the same hours as the march in Washington.

Throughout the church property we will set out a course to walk and will have stations for prayer that will include postings of the seven concerns that will be the focus of those marching in Washington:

  1. Humbling ourselves in repentance and asking God to forgive our sins and heal our land.
  2. Our military, police and other law enforcement, and their families - and security and peace for the nation.
  3. Salvation of the lost, renewed strength in our families, solutions to the coronavirus pandemic, and an end to abortion.
  4. The President and Vice President and their families.
  5. Compassion and kindness toward one another, respect and reconciliation between races, and healing in communities torn by violence and injustice.
  6. Religious freedom, and for churches to have boldness, to stand firm with the Word of God, and to preach Jesus Christ in a troubled world.
  7. Our Congress and other leaders at the national, state and local levels; the Supreme Court, and judges across the nation.

If you are unable to walk this short course, we will have a station where you may sit and still pray for the same seven concerns.  

Participants are expected to follow applicable health and safety protocols, including the use of social distancing and a face mask, if not able to maintain social distance.  Anyone with symptoms consistent with COVID-19 should refrain from participating in person.

We hope that many from all over the Cape will join us as we "call out to God to heal our land."

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